Privacy Policy for BookToAction

The use of the BookToAction application (referred to as the App) is subject to the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please read these provisions carefully before using the app. Your use of the app constitutes acceptance of these terms.


We as a company use only 2 things: 1 your email, 2 your name. 

1. Your email is to identify you in the app (every time you save a book, read a book, start a reading plan you Obviously want to be saved in your account and not in random one).
2. Your name is used in the app to personalize the UI *(user interface —> what you see on your phone).* So every time you login will say Hi {your name} and not a random name…

We don’t use your date any another way, and we NOT and WILL NOT sell you data. 

Hope you’ll enjoy our app. -Alessio (the founder)

# User Data Privacy and Protection

1. Registration Data: The App offers various login options including Google, Facebook, X and Apple. Upon registration, we may collect personal information such as name, email address, and login information through the aforementioned third-party services.
2. Use of Information: The collected information may be used to personalize the user experience, provide tailored content, enhance the services offered, and send updates related to the App. This data will not be shared with third parties without user consent, except where required by law.

# Data Security

1. Data Security: We are committed to safeguarding user personal information. We employ reasonable security measures to ensure data protection against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or unauthorized destruction.
2. Data Sharing: User personal information will not be sold, rented, or exchanged with third parties without user consent, except as expressly stated in this policy or as required by law.

# User Rights

1. Access and Modification of Data: Users may request access, modification, or deletion of their personal data from our database by contacting App support.
2. Preferences Management: Users have the right to manage their preferences regarding receiving communications and updates from the App.